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Sample Manufacturing


Do you need samples made?

Once you have completed your brand pack, our sample manufacturing programme will turn your ideas into a physical product. 

Even if you only have rough sketches, we can convert them into an industry-standard CAD drawing which can be understood by a seamstress or any production partners.


Our sample development programme is an intensive 2 month course and is structured as follows:

Month 1:

We review your designs and help you develop them further to ensure they are ready for production. We look at the different options you could go for in terms of trims, stitching details and fabric then we source these for you (with quality and price always in mind). 

We try to get it right the first time (sustainability is key!) so we get as much of the prep work done as possible to minimise avoidable mistakes further down the line. At the end of the month you will have a finalised tech pack as well as your desired fabric and trims. 


Month 2:


We then proceed to making the samples with one of our production partners. We work with manufacturing studios globally to ensure that you get the best expertise for your specific product category, fabric and design details. 


Once you have received your first samples, we review it all against the tech pack to ensure that you get exactly what you asked for. If you are happy with it then we have a final consultation to discuss the next steps for your brand (either bulk production or pre-ordering) and give you creative direction for a product campaign.


Price: £495 (instalment option available)

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